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Civil And Business Lititgation

Our highly skilled trial attorneys are dedicated to producing justice for our clients.

Civil litigation includes a broad spectrum of varying legal actions such as breach of contract, insurance claims, actions for personal injury, and other claims or lawsuits involving parties who seek monetary damages for wrongs committed upon them. Business litigation includes similar lawsuits involving business entities where there are contested issues concerning the nature and extent of liability for businesses and their principals. Civil and business litigation can be especially difficult for individuals and small businesses because lengthy lawsuits can be financially and emotionally draining. Our firm makes it a priority to communicate with clients and explain their options and realistic expectations in any given circumstance so that matters involving lawsuits or legal proceedings are clear and conspicuous for our clients. Our team will work tirelessly to make sure you will get the results you want in matters involving:

Breach of Contract:

Agreements between individuals and businesses are made and broken daily. When you have a valid claim for a breach of contract, we will represent you and obtain the results you need to recover your damages.

Insurance Claims:

Insurance carriers routinely defend and challenge claims to avoid payment. Our firm has extensive experience in insurance claims and lawsuits against insurance carriers for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing (bad faith). With our working knowledge of the duties and responsibilities arising out of insurance contracts, we can successfully address your concerns with insurance carriers and reach a favorable settlement.

Business Disputes:

During business transactions, disputes can often arise after an individual or a business suffers economic loss due to another business' unlawful or wrongful conduct. In these circumstances, it is important to retain a knowledgeable attorney who can protect your interests either as a plaintiff or defendant. Our firm will take a practical approach to resolve your dispute by way of negotiating with your opponent or conducting a mediation so that your case can settle prior to incurring costs of preparing for a trial.

Breach of Warranty Claims:

Several types of warranties may apply every time a consumer purchases a product. A warranty is representation by a seller or manufacturer of a product that the product meets minimum standards or basic expectations of a consumer. If you have purchased a product that does not meet those minimum standards and suffered monetary loss, we can help you present a claim for breach of warranty.

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