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Catastrophic injuries

What is Catastrophic Injury Law?

Catastrophic injuries are those injuries that have serious, long-term, and debilitating effects on the victim. In addition to leaving victims permanently disabled, these injuries can also place immense stress on the victim's family due to the victim’s constant need for supervision and assistance, as well as a lifetime of rehabilitation and medical bills.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by any number of different circumstances, and are considered catastrophic, due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who suffer them. A catastrophic injury or illness very often causes severe disruption to the central nervous system, such as spinal cord injuries or severe burn injuries, which in turn affects many other systems or organs of the body. Some of the most common catastrophic injuries include: serious head trauma; accidental amputation; multiple bone fracture; eye injury; shoulder injury; foot injury; back injury; neck injury; brain injury; severe burns; organ damage; spinal cord and neurological disorders, which can result in paralysis; paraplegia; and quadriplegia. Catastrophic injury settlements seek to compensate victims for these lifelong disabilities.

Experienced And Aggressive Representation

If a catastrophic injury was caused by the negligent or intentional act of another, or by a dangerous or defective product, a personal injury claim by the victim will be an integral factor in determining his/her future quality of life, including the quality of the medical care and other support he/she will receive. Because of the huge financial implications, a catastrophic injury has, one of the most important aspects of bringing a personal injury claim is the determination of the value of such a claim.

At the Pogosyan Law, we are committed to helping people with Catastrophic Injuries recover to the fullest extent possible — physically, financially, and emotionally. Providing results-oriented representation, our catastrophic Injury attorneys work hard to obtain medical care, personal services, and monetary compensation for our clients. If your loved one has suffered a catastrophic Injuries, we will vigorously represent you and seek the best possible settlement or jury award.